Joy Fire Metalwork

Sacred Geometry Standing Desk

This desk was designed to describe one element of a complex set of concepts which are symbolized in a Hindu design called the Sri Yantra. The design is made up of nine triangles, half pointing up and half pointing down. Within this conceptual framework the upward facing triangles represent “masculine” energy, and the downward pointing triangles represent “feminine” energy. These elements together are meant to create perfect balance and harmony. The middle of the design, between the two sets of triangles, is the bindu, which is the place of balance and the center of all knowledge. From the point of view of the person using the desk the base for the top is an upward pointing triangle and the base for the stool is a downward pointing triangle. Thus the user is placed in the center, a place of balance and knowledge.

Sacred Geometry standing desk5.jpg
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Sacred Geometry standing desk1.jpg