Joy Fire Metalwork


Teaching is also part of who I am as an artist, blacksmith, and metalworker. The joy and satisfaction that I gain through my work is something that I think everyone should be able to experience. Seeing the enthusiasm of someone who is learning something new and watching as they come up with their own ideas and projects is incredibly inspiring and rewarding. I believe there is some part of each of us that wants to create something with their own hands, and it is an opportunity that does not come up naturally in our modern world. I am incredibly lucky to have the chance to guide people through these processes and watch their happiness and satisfaction as they learn something new.

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Bronze casting-beginner to intermediate

Students in this class will have the unique opportunity to learn the exciting process of lost wax casting. We will start with creating a wax model, then a ceramic shell mold, and finally we will melt and pour molten bronze! This fun and relatively simple process has been used to create sculptures, jewelry, and even tools. Students can come up with an entirely original idea or choose something suggested by the instructor. No previous experience is necessary. Class price includes the use of tools and facility. Mold supplies and metal are charged by the weight of the individual item or items created. Material fee will be charged based on the amount of material used.

This class is taught at Orange Coast College through the department of Community Education.

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