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Bowl Gong series

Bowl Gong series


This complete series of sculptures was created at an artists’ residency in Colorado. The theme of the residency was The Heroine’s Journey. Myself and two other female artists explored the concept in relation to Joseph Campbell’s concept of The Hero’s Journey. Below you will find the artist’s statement for the initial exhibition of this collection.

These three bowl gongs were designed to depict the feminine. This does not refer to femaleness as a gender, but rather the symbolic or archetypal feminine. This energy, awareness or way of being must be present in each of us and in society as a whole in order to maintain balance. Current dominant human societies are highly patriarchal and have been for centuries. This is neither healthy nor sustainable. We must remember and honor the feminine as ancient cultures once did. That is not to say that we should revert to practices and a way of life that is past, but to evolve as a species we much remember our past. We must heal the rift between the archetypal masculine and feminine. We must find balance, we must be whole.

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