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Through my use of forged steel as a medium I can create something real. Something solid, strong, and enduring. Modern society is fast paced and often ephemeral. While this is not inherently problematic, it can become so if we lose awareness of ourselves. A solid metal object can serve to anchor us in time and space, to provide a mental shelter of sorts, where we can stop and breathe, taking a moment to contemplate and observe.

 In order to create such spaces, I incorporate both artistic design and concept as well as practical functionality. Many of my pieces, such as furniture, gates, railings, etc. act as functional sculptures. They are designed with utility and a conceptual theme as equally important. Thus, anyone who uses or interacts with them experiences the beauty of a piece of art and the satisfaction of a well made functional object at the same time.


 As well as being a designer, blacksmith, welder, and metal fabricator, I am a certified instructor with the California Blacksmith Association, a Community Education Instructor in blacksmithing, bronze casting, and welding at Orange Coast College, and have published writing in the magazine California Blacksmith. When I am commissioned for any project, I guarantee that I will pursue it with energy and passion and ensure that my clients receive the highest quality of work possible.

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